Month: April 2018

New Beginnings

Every sunrise starts a new journey. I love how this quote reminds us that when we wake up each day, we get to start fresh. Its a true gift to recognize that we do get to start anew every morning when we arise. Each dawn reminds us of the constant renewal that happens around usin nature, and through …

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Hurricane Irma

So Hurricane Irma has come and gone. Months later, Im sure some of us are still picking up the pieces or at least still talking about how it has impacted us. Shortly after returning home safely after having to evacuate, I began to think about how the whole experience was like a metaphor to relationships.  …

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Coping with the Unexpected

As I was driving the other day, every dashboard light lit up and the car started acting weird. Anxious, I drove straight home only to find that my A/C was also acting strangely. Needless to say, dealing with the coincidental malfunctions made for an interesting day/night. It got me thinking about how life is full …

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