Month: March 2019

Holding onto Ghosts

Many of us have held onto feelings and memories about the past: old loves, friendships, and even jobs. I started thinking about this through my own experience of holding on instead of letting go.  Through life’s many experiences and journeys, we go can through a perpetual process of holding on and letting go, kind of …

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Small Steps

This week’s video challenge is about small steps. When we set goals we often look at the big picture and then get upset when our big plans don’t work out or everything falls through. In my work and in my own life I focus on creating small steps to get to my bigger goals. Focusing …

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Life Changing Moments

In my most recent video, I put out a challenge to think about a life-changing moment or an a-ha moment and to contemplate what gift or lesson that moment taught you. It got me thinking about some of my own life-changing moments and the impact they have had on my life. The two I mentioned …

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