Back to school!

Labor Day is a unique time that represents not only an important holiday, but also time to go back to school for the fall.  It got me thinking about how busy life gets when our kids go back to school.  In previous post I have mentioned the importance of taking a time out from the chaos and finding those moments to connect with yourself, your partner or spouse and your children.  This is a great time to start thinking about how you want to create family time or family activities.

During this restructuring or transition back to school you should plan for a family meeting to discuss the new change in schedule.  Find out from the kids what’s working for them, and what has been challenging.  See what ideas they have in regards to coping with the transition and ways to spend family time together.The family meeting should be a fun set up of pizza night or game night and be sure to include the conversation mentioned above.  Prior to the meeting think about what you would like to accomplish or communicate to the kids. Remember that the family meeting is a time where you are creating an open space to talk to your children.  As your family meetings continue through the year, it can become a space where you are having a great conversation with your children separate from the normal day to day.  This can also become your family activity if your schedule becomes really busy.

So to reiterate:

  • The structure of the family meeting is usually a game night or something fun and no pressure.
  • During the meeting you and your family are talking about what’s working or what has been challenging over the course of a month or so.
  • Talk about what’s working or challenging at school and work or even within the family.
  • Give your children a voice and time to communicate.  It is very important and it makes them feel a sense of pride and ownership as well as feeling heard by their parents.  (You will be surprised at what your children will say and you will start to see a positive change in the relationship you have with them.  When a child feels heard and listened to at any age, they feel a sense of positive control and part of instead of separate from the family.)  

Your family meetings should be tailored specific to your family’s style.  If you are having a hard time finding time at night schedule a time in the morning or afternoon to connect with the family and create an open dialogue between you and your children.  Have fun creating a family meeting with your family.  If you need further help with ideas or just some more guidance please click here to schedule a session or feel free to give me a call 727-565-2551.