Holiday Stress

Itís official; itís the holiday season.  Itís that wonderful time of year when our minds are filled with good cheer, being merry, family and smiles.  For some however the holidays can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, lonely or stressed.  The holiday season can be a mixed bag of emotions and sometimes we might feel like we have no one to talk to or no one to share our feelings with of loneliness, anxiety or depression.  If youíre reading this and you might be feeling or thinking some of these uncomfortable feelings then I want you to first take a deep breath and know you are not alone.  

If you are feeling stressed, know that there are a wide variety of coping skills and ways to survive the hectic holiday season.   I know that often times we donít talk about the uncomfortable feelings through the holidays but know that it is ok if you do.  Sometimes talking to a friend or family member is helpful and talking with a therapist or counselor can provide useful insight or tools that will help you cope with the stress of the holidays.  Also, make an effort to put things into perspective.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the things that we have to do that we forget what the holidays really mean to us.  

If you are in the boat of feelings stressed then take a time out, give yourself a moment to think about something that has made you smile in the past; grab a cup of coffee, a coke or hot chocolate, close your eyes and think about a time in your life when you felt at peace.  Sometimes doing these small things can help you survive the moment or the stressor that is in front of you.   However, if the moment feels too big or the stress is something you just canít shake please give me a call to ask questions or let me know in what ways I can be helpful. 

Happy Holidays,

Monica Burton, LMFT