Hope; My Favorite Four Letter Word

In therapy sessions I like to ask “what are your hopes?”  Often times people are caught off guard and don’t know how to respond.  In life when we surround ourselves with stress, or sadness or trauma we tend to forget about the four letter word, HOPE.   

In a therapeutic setting when we start dealing with hope I can see people thinking about the future as opposed to being stuck in the past.  I see a smile, a positive thought, and a spirit of I can get through this. In your relationships when you can share your hopes you will find yourself working towards a goal together or discussing shared meanings or experiences as opposed to continuing to focus on the hurts of the past.    

In recent times, our community has been struck be tragedy.  Now is the time to start thinking about what are the hopes of our community?  What are your hopes of the future for your children, your partner, your spouse or yourself?

The challenge is this: today start thinking about your hopes.  When you wake up, go to bed or just feel stuck ask yourself, what are my hopes?  See what direction or what answers that brings.  Let’s move together to talk about hopes, to address our successes and to see a future filled with HOPE.