Never Give Up

What motivates you? What keeps you going?
How do you pick yourself up after you made a mistake or failed at something?

These past few days, I got to thinking about these questions and the importance of not giving up.

We’ve all felt like not moving forward at times. Most of us have experienced a goal taking longer to accomplish than we expected. Many of us have experienced the realization that a goal we thought we wanted wasn’t for us, and that we needed to start fresh in a new direction.

When we are at a crossroads, it might feel easier to give up completely, or to run in the other direction. Feeling unmotivated, at some point, happens to us all.

Never giving up is about not quitting on yourself, and believing in yourself.
Know that no matter what, you can reach your dreams and goals.

Think about the excitement of when we first set our goals, and then create a plan of action on how to accomplish them. There is a point in time when we really do have to reevaluate our goals, or we might get discouraged because what we thought we had set out hasn’t turned out as planned.

Not Giving Up on Love
In a relationship, we set goals and we share our hopes and dreams with our partner. There comes a time in a relationship where couples feel like they are in same old routine — like Groundhog’s Day is happening. They are sad because their once shared hopes and dreams are no longer being discussed. It’s important that we don’t just give up and run in the other direction. When you get stuck in dream rut, it means it is time to sit with your partner to discuss what is important to you and how to get out of the routine.

When we’re uninspired in our relationship, create new goals.

Set new goals as a couple and see what unfolds. When we are willing to take a risk and reconsider the original relationship goals, we create even better ones.

Not Giving Up on Our Careers
When you work for yourself, you are constantly looking at new ways to improve the business and to keep up with the entrepreneur world, while asking yourself how you bring value to the people you are speaking to or working with. I also know that the original goals you start out with are usually not the same exact ones you have even just a year later.

Things have to change in order for us to continue to be successful — whatever success means to you. Success is measured in how you measure success and no one else.

The other factor in fueling that voice to give up is fear. Fear is so powerful. We want to quit when we get afraid of the obstacles in front of us.

Remember: reexamining your goals or going in a new direction isn’t giving up — it is brave to look at what isn’t working and to change it. When we give up, we walk away from a part of ourselves that we aren’t honoring.

Embrace change and fear to stoke your career energy.

When I think about the times in my life when I wanted to give up, talking with trusted family and friends about my blocks helped me the most. I also had a positive statement that I would say to myself to help me stay focused. Sometimes, I even took an hour or up to a whole day to take time for myself and get a grasp on what I really wanted or what direction I needed to take.

I also think about the other times in my life when I have been successful and remembered what I did that helped me reach my goals.

Whether it’s a relationship struggle, a career struggle or some other area in your life that you are thinking about giving up on, stop take a breath and know that you have the power to change direction.

Believe in yourself to know that you have the strength to set new goals, learn from your mistakes and keep kicking ass along the way.

Never giving up is knowing that you will continue to move forward with what you want in your life despite obstacles or roadblocks.

Never giving up is also saying that you believe in yourself, and knowing that you can accomplish your goals and live the life that you have always wanted.