Our Own History

Last weekend I had the honor of going to Washington D.C. for a conference with the AAMFT.  During the conference I had the opportunity to visit the Capitol Building, The Lincoln Memorial, The White House and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  I, for the first time, got to share in our American history.  It started me thinking about how in therapy we talk a lot about our own history.  

In exploring our history we often think about it in a negative light or tend to focus on negative events.  In therapy I try to talk to clients about how to change their perception, and gain some perspective of their history.  Since you canít go back and change your past, what can you learn from your experiences to help you change your future?The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a humbling experience.  We are still learning the lessons from that dark time in our past.  What took my breath away was the unspoken connection, and peace that surrounded the people around it.  Despite the sadness, there was a very real feeling and sense of hope that everyone present shared.

With therapy, whether it is individual, marriage or family counseling, you have to look inward.  What do you want to learn from your history?  Whatís your story?  What are the unspoken connections that you share when you view the present and look to the future?  

You want to be able to look back and enjoy your story.  You want to see a history that makes you smile and gives you a sense of peace.  You want to reflect on a life that was enriched by unspoken connections.  Schedule a counseling session and letís start redefining your story.