What is self-love? I often get asked this question.
Why do people think self-love is the answer to my pain?
How can self-love help me heal?
Isnít self-love selfish?
These are some of the other questions that come up when the topic of self-love comes up.

Clients often ask me to describe what self-love means. I often receive questioning looks when I tell clients to love themselves. Itís often like I am speaking an alien language.

So today I am going to talk about self-love. I know it wonít be the last blog on self-love either.

To me, self-love is an amazing gift that we offer ourselves every day. Self-love is being able to look at all parts of who we are and to love ourselves anyways. Self-love is being able to find our voice and speak it even when it isnít the normÖitís not caring about what other people think.

Self-love is finding ways to love yourself, to be happy or content with yourself.
Self-love is feeling grounded with who you are.

Self-love is being confident with ourselves, knowing that even when we make mistakes we are still awesome. Self-love is being in our dream job or trying to find ways to accomplish our goals and dreams. Self-love can also mean being in an awesome relationship because when you love yourself you bring that amazing energy into the relationship. The result of feeling self-love, is that we are able to better love others.

Self-love again is not only an amazing gift for ourselves;
When we feel amazing, the feeling is contagious.

When we donít love ourselves, we end up compromising parts of who we are. Or we shut off parts of ourselves that matter. We end up in bad or poor relationships. We talk badly about ourselves and we end up living in fear. We donít go for the job or relationship that we always wanted. We donít stand up. We lose our confidence and then we essentially turn our ďlightĒ off and continue to live in fear.

We allow our pain to take over or the emotional wounds that we have continue to bleed. This is why we stay stuck in places or with people that emotionally hurt us because we stop valuing ourselves or believing in ourselves.

When our self-love goes away, we stop living our lives with the belief we are of value.
So, again, what is self-love?

Self-love is finding things that bring joy into your life. It is facing your fears and moving through them and believing in yourself even if you fall. Self-love is finding the strength and courage to stand up for yourself. Self-love is forgiving yourself when you make mistakes and itís finding peace with yourself. Self-love is talking positively about yourself and having self-worth. Self-love is stating positive affirmations to yourself.

The last thing I want you to remember as you read this blog is this: at the end or beginning of the day is you say these three things to yourself every day

  1. I am enough
  2. I am of value
  3. I am worthy

Saying these 3 things will make a difference in your life.

If you find yourself in a place in your life where you feel stuck, or you are in emotional pain, say these affirmations to yourself every day. It will change the way you see yourself and how you feel about yourself.

Saying your affirmations allows positive energy in your life, and most importantly, it is all true:
you are enough, you are of value, and you are worthy.

Remember that life is a gift and you are a gift in this life. Donít ever forget that or let anyone tell you differently. You are amazing. Believe in yourself so you can know how awesome you are and what you can accomplish in this world.

All your success and fulfillment starts with two simple words: SELF-LOVE.