It’s cold in Florida and I can’t help but think of the summer heat.   The times when we soak in the sun rays, maybe listen to the ocean waves and breathe in the warm air.  To me being “warm” brings comfort and a sense of relaxation.  I can’t help but think about the ways we can provide emotional warmth even when we are freezing.   In therapy I often hear about how we can sometimes struggle with the stress of life.  Whether it’s feeling like our partner isn’t listening, feeling like we have too much to manage in a day or just feeling lonely; we seek counseling to try and gain insight to our own lives (or our partners) and to gain a sense of emotional warmth and understanding.   

We can identify when we feel that warmth again because we feel that same comfort that we feel from the sun rays or the warm air.  When we feel emotional warmth we don’t feel so lost, so alone or not heard. Instead we feel a sense of safety, peace and connection.  Some questions to ask yourself when you are feeling “cold” are:  how can I bring a sense of warmth back into my life? What makes me feel that senses of relaxation or comfort?  Where or what are my tools for feeling that sense of emotional warmth?  Do I need to seek counseling or talk with a therapist to gain insight that I am not yet aware of? 

In this cold weather we can sometimes forget what the warmth feels like, but if we close our eyes and remember a time when we felt warmth, we will feel that sense of comfort the warmth brings us.  Take a minute and remember the last time you felt that emotional warmth…….