What do you value?

Value — what does this word mean to you?

According to the dictionary ‘value’ means: the regard that something is held to deserve: the importance, worth, or usefulness of something, or one’s judgement of what is important in life.

When I think about what I value, I consider what is important to me, worthy of my time, and of use. I love people watching…this weekend at the beach, I saw so many different and wonderful acts of connection: laughter, moments of reflections, and joy. Seeing these interactions mirrored back to me the connections we value, and how we participate in nurturing those connections.

I value the same moments I saw being shared at the beach: family time, letting the kids enjoy the waves, seeing a baby touch the water for the first time, seeing a dad exercise with his daughter, people holding hands or reflecting as they sat by the water — letting life slow down all around them and just appreciating the moments. To me, this is really living life. This is taking time out and participating in life according to what we value.

Life is about paying attention to, and nurturing, what is important to us.

When we pay attention to what we value and live accordingly, we are living authentically. When we go off course or when we stop living what we value or we push aside the things that are important to us, we don’t feel good. When we get off track, things don’t align in the same way in comparison to when we honor what we value. Also when we live what we value we live in joy, and when we hit bumps in the road we are able to get through them “a little easier” than if we are way off track or not living as our authentic selves.

I was reminded this past weekend about what I value: family time, letting my kids experience new things, laughing together, joy, living a healthy lifestyle, reflection and meditation, connection to others, and working hard to enjoy my free time. Other things that I value are helping other people, being kind and having a good work ethic. So how do you decide what you value? How do you communicate to your partner or loved ones what is important to you?

After reading this blog, take time to reflect on what the most important things in your life are right now.

  • How to you actively nurture or participate in what is important to you?
  • What brings a smile to your face at the end of the night or even throughout the day?
  • What are your goals that are connected to what you value?

If you have work goals, think about how those goals are useful or important to you. If you have love goals, think about how are they connected to what you value.

These are just a few questions to consider. Once you have your answers, if you are in a relationship, go to your partner and share you list. Ask them to make a list too. Come up with shared values together based on the two lists you both created individually. As a couple, what do you value in the relationship and how do you honor those shared values and beliefs?

Whether you are in a relationship and create a set of shared values or just come up with a list of what you value in your life, ask yourself how are you going to start living what you value. How life?
The last thing to remember is when you are living what you value, you are also valuing yourself. That is one of the most important things you can do. Honoring yourself and your voice is an act of self love.