Month: May 2018

Never Give Up

What motivates you? What keeps you going? How do you pick yourself up after you made a mistake or failed at something? These past few days, I got to thinking about these questions and the importance of not giving up. We’ve all felt like not moving forward at times. Most of us have experienced a …

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Feeling Alive

What does aliveness mean to you? I was driven to write this blog because I think we don’t cultivate the feeling of aliveness enough. Feeling alive or having a sense of aliveness is what brings us energy. Aliveness also brings a feeling of being grounded and strong. Aliveness wakes us up to go for what …

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Creating Connections

Creating Experiences 6/11/2018 Picture Today’s blog is dedicated to creating experiences. What does this mean? It means that we need to stop and take moments to create experiences that make us smile, breath, or find joy…to create good memories or make ourselves proud. I recently had the privilege to go on a vacation with my …

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