Hope and Dreams

What are your hopes and dreams? And, when was the last time you and your partner talked about your hopes and dreams? These are important questions to ask. Why? Because talking about your hopes and dreams is a big part of how you make a connection in your relationship. You might be asking what does …

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I recently heard someone talking about intersections in life.  I found it incredibly insightful.  It made me think about all the different times in our  lives when we run into our own intersections and what does that mean?  When I think about intersections, I think about change, fear, loss or the ending of something, uncertainty, difference, and …

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Hope; My Favorite Four Letter Word

In therapy sessions I like to ask “what are your hopes?”  Often times people are caught off guard and don’t know how to respond.  In life when we surround ourselves with stress, or sadness or trauma we tend to forget about the four letter word, HOPE.    In a therapeutic setting when we start dealing with hope I …

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