This spring is going by so fast, and now I am looking at my calendar and canít believe itís almost May.  I really enjoy the spring because to me itís time to look at refreshing yourselves and starting new.  To me spring is that time of year when we can start feeling rejuvenated and gain a new sense of patience.  In the spring as the air warms and everything starts to bloom I canít help but feel hopeful, optimistic and refreshed. 

 I titled this piece refresh because I want you to push the refresh button in your life.  So often we get so caught up in the day to day grind that we forget to appreciate the small things.  You know on the computer, when your internet freezes or stops working you hit the refresh button.  Was your computer broken, or was it saying wait I need a break?!?!  Now look at your life and/or your relationships.  Do you see any places you could use a refresh button?

As a therapist I tell people all the time that you have to give yourself permission to take care of you.  I know in my other blogs I have had this similar topic of taking a time out for yourself.  Unfortunately I continue to hear about people forgetting about themselves or being so busy or so caught up in a fight that they forget where they started in the first place, so REFRESH.  

How do you refresh?  You can do something big like go on an extended weekend trip, or something simple like taking time to make a list so youíre organized and not feeling out of control.  Go on a date with your partner and make sure you turn your cell phone off, laugh with your kids, take 5 minutes to enjoy some sunshine, wake up 10 minutes earlier and have your coffee while you read the paper.  Any of these ďrefreshesĒ will help you get your focus again.  

Spring is about starting new.  Ask yourself, what does that look like to you?  After you refresh then where do you want your focus to start and how will you know you are moving in that direction?  If you need help answering those questions then give me a call 727-565-2551 or click the schedule now button on the right.